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Alexis Ellis is a dream woman in peak condition.
Alexis is not a female hardcore bodybuilder but just a well-toned figure athlete. There are muscles, too, but it's not so extreme as in bodybuilding. Nevertheless, Alexis Ellis is very muscular. Her hot tits are very impressive as well.
This dark horny bitch has "Fuck Me" written all over her face. Gladly, I would do as she asked, eat her great pussy and fuck her hard.

Alexis Ellis won the 2003 NPC Figure Competition in Los Angeles, Figure Tall, 1st Place and Overall Winner.

This incredible babe Alexis Ellis comes from USA. Perfect dark body who will do anything for you. Sparkly brown eyes that will light the fire in you and arouse your deepest desires. Incredible black hair that twinkles like a star burst. Full lips that will fill you with passion, lust... desire for her. Beautiful C-cup busty tits, that you can pull and suck on to make her scream in pleasure Sweet bangable, muscle ass that you will cling all your dreams of passion and lust on to slim legs that will arouse the beast inside you.

alexisellis alexisellis alexisellis alexisellis Alexis Ellis ist eine durchtrainierte Traumfrau

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